Tsunami Premium Vapor Product Warranty Submission

Please note that this form is dedicated to tsunami 1000x, G-Class, and V-Power, quake, and Typhoon models warranty only, all disposable cigarettes registrations will be disregarded

Warranty Terms and Conditions

Buyer assumes all risk and liability for results obtained by the use of the manufactured component covered by this order whether used singly or in combination with other products. Tsunami only guarantees that the product or Component that are manufactured by Tsunami Exclusively, Tsunami warrants each product for a lifetime warranty. Tsunami reserves the right to inspect products claimed Defective under warranty. No product is to be returned unless Warranty Registration is completed online and the claim is submitted. With the email portion of the claim attached to the shipment of the defective product.

Tsunami charge a shipping and handling fee for each defective part, each defective part must have a $5 money order or personal check made to Tsunami attached to the shipment


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